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230 East River Park Circle, Fresno, California 93720


+1 559-447-1599

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  • Logan Cortez
    Posted Jan, 17 2020
    I always hate getting my haircut because no one can cut it right my hair is very thick and straight and my hairline for the back of my hair has to be cut a certain way everytime I get it cut it's uneven and looks really bad, I'm always wearing a hat to cover it up until it grows back I've tried barbers and other salons and they still can't cut it right i personally don't like barber shops so I've always tried salons and they still don't cut it right so I've always just had a bad haircut i dont like fades or tapers because my hair is not made for those kind of haircuts i have bangs and my hair always needs to be somewhat long never super short and every place I have tried telling them yet they always cut it super short and I look so weird but recently my girlfriend found this place and so I tried it when it was time to cut my hair and I was so happy that she found this place for me this is the best place I have ever been to to get a haircut the girl I had was loan and she did an amazing job I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she explained to me all details about my hair and said her son's hair was the same as mine and she nailed it cut it exactly how i wanted and she knew it had to be cut with scissors not clippers because that's what everyone I usually go to cuts it with and i know I need a scissor cut she textured and made everything evenly on my hair including my bangs and my hairline on my back she also talked to me and my gf while she was cutting it we were all laughing having good conversation and felt very comfortable in the end I left very happy and loved my haircut it was cut quick and exactly how i wanted it I will definitely be back asking for loan

Write a review

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Saturday 09:00 AM — 06:00 PM

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